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About Lizzie Lovejoy

Lizzie Lovejoy is a mixed media creative practitioner from County Durham in the North East of England with a significant interest in the unusual and the historical. Their image making work reflects this, following themes of local heritage and architecture. Lovejoy’s illustrative voice consists of a mix of fine-line pen illustration and digital manipulation, making use of their naive mark making techniques and pastel colours for ‘feel good’ imagery.

Lovejoy has been drawing ever since they developed the ability to grip onto a pencil, from the floorboards to her own clothes, all surfaces were a viable canvas for illustrating. As the world became more complicated, art became a means of interpretation and communication, bringing a purpose to creativity.

With experience in visual workshops and illustrative image making, Lizzie Lovejoy uses their illustrations as a tool for visually reinterpreting information and sharing stories. Their first book, “The Weird and Wonderful Lore of the North” explored the strange and creepy histories of the English North East and was successfully funded through a Kickstarter campaign in March 2019.

Having studied for a BA (Hons) in Illustration for Commercial Application at the Northern School of Art in Hartlepool, Lovejoy has chosen to stay based in the North and continues to work on her images surrounded by local history.

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