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Artist in Residence at DSFC

"It's Grim Up North" is an exhibition themed around the stories of Northern women and nonbinary people, as well as all of the beautiful places that have been important to themselves and the region as a whole. After a year of research, development and unexpected events, the exhibition is finally up and ready to be shared.


Lovejoy has spent all of their life living in the North East, particularly the County Durham and Teesdale area. After all of the ups and downs of working class life, they have found joy in friendship and family, citing the community spirit of the region as their main reason for focusing on this particular topic. In the midst of emotional distress, this project began to take flight, finding the beauty in the immediate surroundings, incredible architecture, the power of image making and most importantly the significance of human connection in our fantastic Northern community.

Bellow is a small selection of the work created for, and featured in, the full exhibition at Durham Sixth Form Centre. To view the online version of the exhibition, visit the website by clicking the button or copy and pasting the text link under it into a new tab.


Buildings and Collage

Sunset Gifs